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I will fight to protect Agriculture, Missouri's number one industry; our second amendment rights as gun owners; the men and women who served our great country; and all stages of life.  I am committed to lowering the tax burden for Missouri citizens and small businesses while confirming our current tax dollars are spent wisely. We need to bring jobs to Missouri and to our district.  A key to economic growth is infrastructure and it is the state’s responsibility to invest in it to make sure that goods, services and people are able to reach their destinations safely.  Missouri must have a strong education system, from k-12, higher education to non-traditional schooling. Education is a key to continued prosperity of our state and country. 

As a long time resident of Johnson County, I recognizes the importance of the University of Central Missouri, State Fair Community College and Whiteman Air Force Base to Johnson and Pettis Counties.  I will work to ensure partnerships in our communities are strong so that our local economies can prosper. 

Proudly serving the 54th district as their Representative in the Missouri House. I ask for your continued support. Most importantly, I ask for your VOTE. Thank You!

Dan Houx